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Downtown Fort McMurray, Alberta Lower Townsite is the historic centre of the community. Situated in the picturesque Clearwater River Valley, it contains the majority of commercial development as well as major public facilities such as the library, municipal offices, court house and RCMP detachment. With a population of approximately 12,000, the residential areas of the Lower Townsite consist mainly of single family homes, multi-unit condominiums and apartments. The Urban Park Centre provides a recreational focal point along the Snye, drawing users from all parts of the community. Elementary and high schools may be found at the southern end of the main street, Franklin Avenue, which was first cleared in 1913. Lower Townsite is now undergoing change. A new Lower Townsite Area Redevelopment Plan has been established and is being implemented. The goal of the plan is to maintain the character of established neighbourhoods while ensuring the Lower Townsite area remains as the social, economic, and cultural centre of the community. A further objective of the plan is to reconnect the community with the river front by developing a continuous riverfront park system.
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Fort McMurray
Welcome to Fort McMurray Alberta
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Downtown Fort McMurray, Alberta